Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lets get Blogging!

Ha!... I'm so hilarious.

Okay, so Hi! *waves*
I'm Jon and as you can't tell by all the text and affiliated 'stuff' Im going via the pseudonym "Ginger Animator". Why? This is because of my abnormality of a hair colour, and the fact that I am currently training to become a professional Animator. (with the aim to have a career in the Film and Telly-vision that we watch like.)

So what can you expect from this Blog apart from months upon months of in-action?
Well apart from my dripping cynicism and sarcasm, you'll be privy to see what the hell Im up to on a particular week!
If theres one thing you should know about my creative 'process' its that I have the terrible problem of being... sporadic?
I'll come up with an idea, work on it for a week or so, then just ... jump onto something completely different! This happens about 4 or so times before I return to the original project, so you can see how that can be problematic!

But in the interest of keeping a blog, this could mean ONE of THREE things...
1) It'll always be different and might be cool to see how multiple projects link to one another.
2) The blog will force me to concentrate on one thing at a time, lord knows I could do with that!
3) I'll find keeping the blog too much hassle and let it collect dust with updates once or twice a year...

SO! "What have I been doing this week?" I hear you ask joyfully, leaning in to admire me slightly closer.
"Well" I respond taking a sip from my ice-chilled alcoholic beverage, "Iv been practicing character animation in Maya!"

Well the basics, Walks, and weight, that type of thing...

So this is a basic Walk Cycle, its got dodgy arms and some of the arcs aren't very good, but I'm happy with it being my first proper attempt at animation in Maya.

The following day I attempted a 'Sneak' Walk, however, I botched the timing and somehow ended up animating the top half like a child running, but oh well...

This was my third day, I didn't finish this one (as you can probably tell) its still in blocking forum. BUT Im happy with this! I think Im starting to get the hang of it! so (if I continue next week) how far I can go with Maya Character animation!

For the first time!
Jon~G signing out!